Tuesday, April 25, 2006



Hello Majicaleros,

There are several issues involved in determining whether a recording is considered "master quality" (also known as "broadcast quality") or "demo quality."

There's a persistent myth that you need 24 or 48 tracks in order to create a M.Q. recording, but it really has nothing to do with the number of tracks. It's more about how well you use the equipment you've got. A pro engineer will make a better recording with a 4-track Portastudio than an inexperienced engineer will make with the equipment found in a $2,000,000, world-class studio.

The first factor is that it be clean, which generally means two things - no substantial hiss and no unintended distortion. Hiss is a function of analog recording. You combat this by setting your record levels as hot as possible without causing distortion, but it's an inherent problem for users of low-priced, analog cassette multitracks.

While they're terrific for demos, such machines are a major uphill battle if your goal is master quality. Distortion can be a wonderful effect when used on purpose - it helps to create a sense of edge or aggression. But unintended distortion - as a result of too much level hitting a microphone, or setting your record levels too hot - is a fast indication of demo status (meaning that film/TV supervisors and record labels would need to re-record it before using it in a scene or releasing it to the public.)

The second factor is instrumentation. Say, for example, you've written a song that calls for a horn chart in the bridge. If you have the money, you can hire a horn section to play the parts. If not, you can use a synthesizer to demonstrate what the part should sound like. Of course, with modern technology, there's a third option. Certain samplers will give you such a realistic sound for horns, strings, etc. that most people can't tell the difference. They can get pricey, but it's still cheaper than hiring the string quartet every time you've got new material.

This is one of the major reasons why composers are now able to create master quality recordings at home.

A related area is the drum machine. If you intended for a real drummer to play on the song you've written, but circumstance requires that you use a machine, then make sure you know how to program it to sound as human as possible. Recent programs like Acid have made this easier than ever, but it still requires you to invest your time and money.

Naturally, this point doesn't apply to all genres of music. In much of Electronica, for example, the drums are meant to sound cold and machine-like. But if that's not your aim, make sure your drums sound warm, fluid and human. (Tip: don't use the 'quantize' feature, it'll just add to the stiffness.) Until you've mastered the art of drum programming, you'll be hard pressed to create master quality recordings with a drum machine.

The final issue that comes into play when evaluating the sound quality is the listener's gut feeling. Can they picture the music as a record in a store, or matched to pictures in a film or TV show? Or do they picture the artist in their bedroom, still learning their gear.

While you can't control their gut feeling, you can do these two concrete things: practice aiming mics and setting levels to find the fine line between hiss and distortion; and make sure you've invested in recording gear that gives you realistic instrumentation.

So don't stop learning and keep engineering your recordings and make that jump from "demo" man to "master quality" producer status.

Monday, April 24, 2006

To help with your writings.


Hi and hope you had a nice weekend Majical readers,

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Earth Day Celebrations Issue


April 2006

Inside this issue:

1. Jorge’s Corner
2. Gigs Past, Present and Future
3. Earth Day
4. Environmentally Friendly

Dear Music Lover,

Jorge’s Corner

In this corner, St. Patrick’s Day; and in that corner Cinco de Mayo. Which one will be more of a party?? Well, on the day of the Irish celebration, it was one heck of a party at Billy Bombay’s Nightclub in Redding.

The house was filled to capacity and there were many party goers dancing, drinking, whooping and a hollering.

On Cinco de Mayo, the Mexican celebration, there should be lots of people too because for the first time in a long time, Majical will actually be playing a Cinco de Mayo gig . . . on the fifth of May! NO, not the 6 or 7 but on the 5th.

For Majical when we have been booked to do a gig on that day, the fifth usually fell on a Wednesday or Thursday and so by Friday night when we played, not many people would show up because they were burned out already! Si senor, es la verdad.

I want to thank you for showing up on St. Patrick’s Day but if didn’t then WHY NOT?!!? Naw, it’s cool. . . I understand if you couldn’t make it. Just make it to the “Fifth of May” celebration if you can. We look forward to seeing you there.

So we had a long winter with lots of rain; rainfall that has broken all the records for March and even April I hear. So now it goes directly to summer from winter, which isn’t all that unusual for Redding and the surrounding area.

Yes, the heat is on and we would love to see you at Billy Bombay’s for the party. Oh, it’s also Leonard’s 10th anniversary at Billy’s I believe so it will be a double whammy party of parties. Well, it’s some sort of anniversary anyway so we hope to see you there. There'll be lots of hot dancing, people and música. Arriba pues!

Gigs Past, Present and Future

To see archives of our past gigs, or to see our gigs happening soon and down the road a bit, visit our gigs page at:

On the upper right hand corner of the page you find a link that takes you to some past shows that we have done. You’ll also see the shows coming up soon and shows down the road a bit.

We are playing Billy’s this Friday night the 21st of April, starting at 9pm and going until about 1am.

Then on the 22nd, Saturday, we will be doing a free concert at Caldwell Park at the Carter House Museum, or rather, in front of it or to the side, however you want to see it.

This is for Earth Day and it is FR.E.E to the public. See details below.

Earth Day

Earth Day was invented by us a long time ago to celebrate our planet but also to bring about an awareness that we need to care for her and our environment. We have fallen short of that goal but we can find ways to really do our part and possibly reverse some of the grave damage we have inflicted on mama earth.

I invite you to join us in celebrating Earth Day this Saturday, April 22nd from 10am to 4pm at Caldwell Park in Redding, right on the Sacramento River Trail and west of the Redding Aquatic Center.

There will be 4 bands, over 30 exhibitors/vendors, speakers, good food, hand drumming, dancers, poetry, kids’ activities, activism opportunities, open mic time, massages and other holistic health care.

A book and video swap/sale will be one of many activities going on and for your convenience a supervised place to park bikes and skates, and lots of FREE stuff! A schedule of the entertainment is listed below so tell your friends, tell your family, tell everyone you know to carpool, bike, skate, and run or just walk and join us for a day of fun, learning, inspiration, and action!

For more info, including directions, go to

ENTERTAINMENT SCHEDULE: (subject to change)

10:00 Traditional blessing followed by drum circle and dancers (all hand drummers welcome)

10:30 Elmer and the Mud Flaps (bluegrass band)
11:15 Speaker: Mary Schroeder of Western Shasta Resource Conservation District
11:30 The Hummingbirds (alternative country/modern folk band)
12:15 Poetry by Pamela Spoto and Michael Metz, kid's song by Keely and Mallory
12:30 Magic Bus (classic rock band)
1:15 Speaker: Bill Falzett - Democratic candidate for U.S. Congress (opposing Republican Wally Herger)

1:30 Majical (Latino Cumbia Rock Band)
2:15 Speakers: Todd Lindstrom of Dale Renewable Energy, Sue Lynn of Stop Clear cutting California

2:30 Open Mic Set (interested performers/speakers must sign up in advance by calling 604-5837)

3:15 Speaker: Jim Collins of the Shasta Regional Seed Cooperative
3:30 closing drum circle and dancers (all hand drummers welcome)
4:00 Event closes

1. Drummers and belly dancers will perform throughout the day at various places around the event.
2. Exhibitors/vendors will be available all day long.
3. Bring your used progressive books to swap with others at the book swap table.
3. Food will be provided by the Station Cafe and Jamba Juice.
4. If it's too rainy, the event will be canceled.

Environmentally Friendly

Here are some very “Friendly Earth Day” products for us and that actually protects the environment, and us included; just in time for our consciousness raising earth day celebrations.

A. For your engines.
The product Ethos Fuel Re-Formulator is one that you will be able to finally accomplish the success you have always imagined possible. Ethos FR is a unique combination of high-quality, non toxic, specially designed esters that uses only the elements of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

This patented combination of low molecular weight cleaning esters and high molecular weight lubricating esters, reformulate any fuel whether its gasoline, diesel, methanol, ethanol, hydrogen, LNG, CNG (compressed natural gas), or bio-diesel.

EPA laboratories tests confirm that Ethos FR is 99.99976% clean upon ignition and ash less upon combustion. Ethos is also free of carcinogens.

We all drive so we need to use it. Plus for those inclined, you can make money with this product too. Visit my website and see for yourself at:

Read that and join me in the revolution. At the very least, look at the videos and email me back with any questions on how you can get some for your use.

This is timely and perfect to beat the oil companies at their own game. It’s non toxic and environmentally safe to use.

B. For your use at home or business.

Using all-natural ingredients for the ultimate in consumer safety and environmental health, Veriuni™ cleaning products deliver unparalleled cleaning power while eliminating dangerous side effects from the toxins found in many major cleaner brands.

The Veriuni™ cleaning line is manufactured for SFI by The Clean Environment Company, whose products are used EXCLUSIVELY by the EPA at several U.S. national parks. The EPA tested numerous cleaning products.

Those produced by The Clean Environment Company were ultimately selected as being the most effective cleaners and the safest to the people using them and to the environment.

Here are some of the benefits using these products:

1. Reduces the chances of liability from employee illnesses and reactions to toxic cleaning chemicals used within the organization.

2. Cost of disposal of toxic waste is reduced.

3. Cost is competitive or even cheaper than traditional cleaners.

4. Reduces health concerns of employees, clients, and family members.

C. For your health

Have you had your spinach today?

In 1948 you could buy spinach that had 158 milligrams of iron per hundred grams. By 1965, the maximum had dropped to 27 milligrams. In 1973 it was averaging 2.2. That means you would have to eat 75 bowls of spinach to get the same amount of iron that one bowl might have given you back in 1948.

We have to have cobalt to process vitamin B12. We need vitamin B12 for healthy red blood cells. Sadly most of the vegetables that supply cobalt in the diet now test zero.

The top soil over most of the land used to grow fruits and vegetables is very much depleted. This in turn produces crops that are severely low in the necessary vitamins and mineral that our bodies need for optimum health.

The typical daily diet does not supply the necessary proteins, vitamins and minerals to properly replace the dying cells in our internal and external organs. If we fall short our immunity system is weakened leaving us vulnerable to sickness and disease.

So...are you getting the 20 essential amino acids, 14 essential minerals and 13 essential vitamins in your daily diet to insure your "good health"?

Veriuni's Liquid Nutrition offers you a great tasting peach-flavored liquid multivitamin that supplies 100% of your daily vitamins and minerals.

The liquid, unlike many tablets, is highly absorbed by the body so that all the benefits from your investment are realized. Veriuni Liquid Nutrition consists of all natural ingredients taken from plants and the earth itself, with no fillers or binders.

Just one ounce of this unique supplement taken daily supplies 127 of the best vitamins, minerals, herbal complex and amino acid complex available.

Want your vitamins for free? Join me and you can too.

Spring Cleaning

Musician's Friend is having their annual "Spring Cleaning" on all their products like:



Drums and Percussions


DJ and Lighting


Live Sounds

Need anything at an extreme discount? Go to:

But hurry, the sale ends soon!

Well, I hope that you have a great rest of the week and an environmentally safe weekend. Let’s go back to where we came from and be good to mama earth.

See you at the gig.


Jorge and Majical

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Getting out and "Branding" Yourself is NOT Selling Out.


You all know me and that I don't believe in "starving artist syndrome" or, SAS as I call it. As artist we create our songs, music, poetry or whatever form our art takes. But for some reason many artist are afraid that if they license their art out for a commercial, or put a "brand" on their song that it is a sell out.

Heaven forbid artists make any money with their art. What sacrelidge!!

Ever see an amazing band perform and wonder why you've never heard of them before? Ever see an astonishing artist on the street and wonder why their work isn't in a gallery? Ever see an absolutely astounding independent film and wonder why people all over the world don't know about it?

Me too!

It's really stupid and sad to know that there are musicians, painters, sculptors, and filmmakers everywhere starving. Starving for their art; also known as SAS!

Now if you think about it, artists are the ultimate entrepreneurs.

Really, think about it. Some create products and look for a market; others look at a market and create products. Every entrepreneur starts the same way! It's the business part that often trips artists up.

Creating any piece of music, art, or film, is like creating a product. I'm not suggesting that all products, art-based or otherwise, are equal. We all know a good product, or painting, or film or vacuum cleaner when we experience it.

Its just with some artists, imaginary barriers get created. These illusive barriers can keep them from creating the very success they want.

We as artist all have the same goals and that is to make a good product that is useful or meaningful, have it well liked by many people and to be paid portionally to the market they reach. Who doesn't want that?

Making music, paintings, sculptures, photography or film should be addressed like any business with the same attention to the big picture, IF you want to make a great living from it. But something often holds artistic creators back from making a great living from their art.

And as usual, fear is the culprit.

Artists sometimes fear that if they develop the recognition and financial success that comes from branding from themselves, their peers will think that they've "sold-out" if they "make it".

Fellow starving artists might say that on the surface, but what they are really saying is that they are envious of the success that you have created. It's far easier to put down someone elses success than to make it them self. What's more important: what your peers think OR having your "art" enjoyed by as many people as possible and having the financial freedom that comes along with it?

Another fear that may prevent artists from taking their craft mainstream is that they think that they will lose control of it by becoming a business and, heaven forbid, a BIG business at that.

Just like the art you make, what your business becomes is in your control. If you develop your brand based on your vision of it from the start, you protect it from becoming something else. Business is not bad and in fact you must know the business end n order to succeed as an artist, unless you jsut want to perpetuate the myth of SAS. The power of your business is always in your hands.

The largest fear for some artists is that the very nature of getting paid, and paid well, for their art will change it. This will then set in motion the loss of creative connection with the "art" itself. BULLSHIT! I would argue that those that get lost were not very centered on their purpose and passion in the first place.

It's odd to think that financial freedom, the freedom to do whatever you want, could cause one to lose their way. In one of our workshops, we were fortunate to have a successful artist who was ready to take his brand to the next level. When I asked him what does he do, he answered, "Whatever I want." Who doesn't want that?!

With the money you get from branding your craft, you can set up systems so that it doesn't interfere with your focus; donate to causes, invest in real estate, create other products/partnerships. You can even hire the people to manage it all, leaving you free to create.

The bottom line is simple, everyone has control over what they do and what they manifest, it's just that most people haven't been shown how. Commitment to your "art" does not preclude your ability to make money from it. In fact, the more financial freedom you create for yourself, the more art you can create.

A branding mindset is taking that control into your own hands and owning the future. And it must truly start from the inside from your innate talent and your grand vision for your art. Branding your art comes down to your commitment to yourself and to the art itself. Branding is not only slogans and TV ads; it's the power to be who you are and communicating it everyone proudly.

The definition of artist:
1. somebody who creates art
2. somebody who does something with great skill and creativity
3. somebody who is very good at doing something

Nowhere does it say you have to starve to make good art or good products.

Remember that the next time a musician, or painter, or sculptor, or filmmaker you know breaks through to success. Ask yourself, what are you really committed to? Don't cheat the world of your gift. Developing a brand mindset with integrity from the inside out is guaranteed to reach more people. Period.

If you do something that you really love, you're really good at it, and people pay you to keep doing it, then branding it is not selling out, it's "selling in" TO YOURSELF!

Let me help you destroy the SAS enemy inside you so you can take your art to the next level of the highest success!