Monday, September 01, 2008

How to END a GREAT band... Part 1


The Majical Band. Twelve years in the making yet still redefining itself.

The rumors were true that the band was breaking up, and, after the two VERY BEST SHOWS of its career, one at the Millhouse Deli in Redding for the brew fest and the other at the Mosquito Serenade in Anderson, how could that be? Well, that's how Jorge likes it . . . save the very best for last.

Majical started out 12 years ago with three souls wanting to make music that was different in the Redding, California area, where country, blues and Top Forty was the music of the day. Jorge Arguello had played in bands all of his life and Michael P. Harris had for much of his. Hilario Salsedo was a newbie but had enthusiasm to make good music.

Hilario heard about Jorge through a friend of his named Larry Wright. He contacted Jorge and wanted to talk because he knew that he wanted to make music that was different too, just as Jorge did.

After a couple of meeting and jams, Hilario talked about a guy that would or could be interested in joining this nucleus and create something new. That person was Michael P.

He and Jorge hit it off immediately not only musically but, psychically; spiritually and they instinctively knew that there were internal rhythms and melodies wanting to come out. Michael heard what Jorge felt and vice versa and the songs just started pouring out.

First they just modified songs that were popular but they realized that making new music, original music that was different sounding, rhythmic in style but with melodious characteristics was where they wanted to go and from there formed a couple of the classic songs of the Majical repertoire still played today.

That nucleus went on to play stand out shows and Bob Gallegos of the iconic Millhouse Deli, a place where Majical would eventually play almost every year of its long standing career, gave those three, the very first chance to play, and play they did.

There were a hundred or so souls dancing to the strange rhythms, well, strange for Redding anyway, who were unaccustomed to anything cultural at the time. But get up and dance they did and Majical knew they had hit on something that folks around here were starving for.

This was a three piece band; Jorge on guitars, guitar synthesizers, singer front man and songwriter for the band, Michael P. on Keyboard Synthesizers and sequence designer for drum and other sounds as well as singer and songwriter for the band, and Hilario on all things that were percussion in nature.

After several months of rehearsing, getting to know one another and finally coming up with a name that Jorge came up with, Majical, they decided to go out and play. Majical turned out to be just a spanish play on the word magical but it represented what the band wanted to do and that was be majical at everything they did.

They took Redding by storm and a few months later they grew to a point where Jorge realized they needed to add real drums and a bass player to complete the sound, and so it began . . . the New Direction.

As reported by Jorge Arguello

Has the Majical Band ended? Long Hiatus may be more like it but find out here and come back to read more excerpts of the The Majical Band-Music that influenced the Scene.


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