Thursday, May 05, 2005

Are you a writer?


Hola, mi estimado amigos.

Are you a closet writer? Have you always wanted to write but felt that nobody would want to read whatever you had to say? Those are two of many fears we have about writing. True enough, some might have a difficult time getting what they know or want to say down on paper (e-paper??) but it doesn't mean that what you have to say isn't viable, valuable or, even necessary for someone else to hear.

The thing about information, or something I (you) have to say is, that if I'm feeling it or thinking it, more than likely someone else feels it or is thinking it too. We ALL have something to say. You know the old saying, "Opinions are like. . . . .noses ;-) we all have one", and everyone agrees with mine. . . .NOT!!! Oh well, . . .

Me? I have always been a writer, which is why today I write articles about music, instruments, teaching, relationships, etc., and I'm a really good songwriter, if I do say so for myself. No one else will. . .

So how did I get started? Well, some of us are born writers and most of us have to learn how to write. The truth is even "born" writers must learn some techniques, and of course be good with words, alliterations, and of course, grammar!!! Most people are terrible at that and spelling is a close second. Thank god for spell and grammar checker on computers and word processors today. . .whew!! (see? I spelled grammar with an . . .er. What a dolt :-)) Thank you spell checker.

One of the things I am creating right now is a cookbook of Nicaraguan recipes with a twist, an e-book on and about single dads, and an e-book for parents, amongst other things. I'm a writer, right? er. . .but we all can use direction and mentor under someone who is or has had more success than ourselves.

That's kind of what I am doing this year, and I have to say that it is a project like no other, until now. I am talking about the E-Publishing Marketing Mastermind group my partner Janan, and I, have joined. That's EPMMM for short. . .is that short? This is a true adventure we are embarking on with 104 other people. What is this you say? Let me explain.

Alan R. Bechtold, who has been electronically publishing for over 22 years, and publishing for a dozen or more years before that, very successfully I might add, is taking on this monumental task of "creating" 106 Hemingway's. That's right, I said 106 Hemingway's. Well to get the full story, click on the link, I think, or, heck, click on this too. will take you to the page that explains it in full detail. Some of the e-press and e-reporters are touting this as a virtual online reality show because the whole world will be watching us. . .how's that for pressure ;-) ?? But if you're a writer like me and want to elevate that artform, not to mention driving traffic to your already existing business, then this can be your ticket. This is an historic event and the advantages of becoming the first "Hemingway's" are evident, especially once you read what Alan has to say at .

Good news is if you decide to join, mention in the "who referred you" part that we, Jorge and Janan did, and you'll get in at the price we got in at, saving you $500 smackers. Can't beat that I don't think. Of course this is not for everyone, but for those adventurous few, like Hemingway himself, this is your wake up call and a once in a lifetime opportunity to fulfill your dreams of becoming a super writer, and being a part of internet history isn't bad press either.

See you on the inside.