Saturday, April 09, 2005

Imagine that!!!!


Hola mi amigos. Ever since I came up with the name magical for my band eight years ago, people all over the world have "borrowed" my logo, taken the name for their wares of airy fairy new age-y kinda thing. I guess robbery is the best flattery. Cool.

I don't care, really. My logo is trademarked and all that but does it really matter? As long as my fans and audience and friends and family know and appreciate what it stands for then it's all good.

Majical, pronounced ma-he-cal, is really a play on the Spanish interpretation of magical that I coined when me and two friends, Hilario and Michael P. started up a three piece band. It was way cool because it kept it simple one, and we toyed with sequencers, two. We sounded larger than life, I mean like a big band. It was "Magical". Hey!! "Majical". That was the name we were looking for. That's how it all began.

Eventually and eight years later, we are the five piece and sometimes six piece, band that we are today. It's great because I write songs to express what I normally can't get across in everyday speak. And even though the songs don't have that commercial appeal that big record companies want, yet anyway, they appeal to my fans.

Seeing them mouth the words to my songs is a wonderful feeling for me and took me by surprise when it happened. I always write the best songs I can for my fans and am working on new songs to play for them. If you want to hear some of my songs, I have snippets from my CD called "Organic Fuzz". Just go to and scrrrolll down a bit until you see them. Easy, right?

Anyway, it's just my first post and I will be telling you more about myself, my upbringing as a latinoamericano, first generation born Nicaraguense in an American world. You say, huh? But I will divulge more.

Also some insights on how to achieve your own musical goals and aspirations as well as help you market your art. So stay tuned for more good stuff. Hasta entonces, take care.