Monday, May 22, 2006

Haiku A Day May Keep The Doctor Away


Michael Levy is a writer, poet, peace-nik and author who believes in truth, beauty and joy.

Michael submitted a poem that I posted at because it was very good, and I am a bit selective when it comes to who's poetry I post on my websites or blogs.

Here's a press release on him and his works. I believe that Michael is the genuine article and I support any and all works that he produces.

Here's his release and at the end you'll find his contact information as well. When you write him tell him I said hello; that's Jorge of The Majical Band. Without futher ado, here is Michael Levy.

Ultra - Violet Haiku De-Lights

In a busy world, where people are swamped with everyday chores and work, they do not have time to read long- winded inspirational books.

Michael Levy has penned a new meaningful book that can reduce stress in an easy manner. The reader only needs to read three short haiku lines, which will allow them to develop a thought provoking inspirational message, throughout their working day.

Levy declares; A refreshing three line haiku poem, taken from the 270 + poems in the book, can be carried in the mind all day long. It could help ease the toil and lift the burden of stresses and strains of modern day living ... Levy says this unfamiliar way of relieving stress will be the next big thing to catch on with busy mums and exhausted dads.

It is sure to be an inspirational / humorous boon for every preoccupied, stressed-out person on planet earth. Point of Life book publishers have been in business for eight years, publishing eight titles by inspirational author and world celebrated poet, Michael Levy.

His inspirational poetry and essays now grace many assorted web sites, journals and magazines throughout the world. Point of Life web site is ranked number one in the world when "Inspirational books" are the search words on Google and a deeper search will reveal the extent of Levy’s reach throughout the world.

He is expert columnist for Positive Health magazine, the leading complimentary health publication in the UK. Levy has also been published by the The Royal College of Psychiatry many times over the past three years Ultra - Violet Haiku De-Lights ... The most profound, meaningful and humorous haiku publication in many years.

Available from all book stores in the USA & UK from 12th May

Contact Details: Michael Levy
Book Name: Ultra - Violet Haiku De-Lights
Price: $12.95 paperback, non-fiction poetry
Publisher: Point of Life, Inc. Publication
Date: May 06
Phone Number: 954-785-8439
Fort Lauderdale Florida Website:

There you go people, and remember, a Haiku a day keeps all your worries away :-)


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