Sunday, August 12, 2007

Majical ART expands.


Hola Amigos,

Glad that you are here. God, I hope that all is well with you and that you are enjoying your SUMMER wherever that happens to be.
Redding has been unusually COOL well, relatively speaking of course. I mean it's still 98 or 97 during the day and we're still swimming in our pools or at the many lakes that surround this area. But normally around here it's 105 degrees and up during the month of August.

Of course it looks like these feathered dudes are dong alright and have the right idea because THAT'S the way you stay refreshed when you live around here. I think I'll go camping there cuz it looks pretty darn cool ;-)
So Majical has been staying busy but things have slowed down a bit for us. The summer is in its last LAZY DOG DAYS and many people including band members are vacationing or just doing the other things that occupy their lives.


But here's what's going on anyway. Majical is doing more and more private gigs and that's really great although for our fans, groupies and friends it's not so much fun I guess. Our Millhouse Deli gig was great; the 3rd of July went awesomely well and we had a great time at what is now called BOMBAY"S formerly known as Billy Bombay's.

Personally I have gone to see SANTANA, ERIC CLAPTON in intimate venues and that has been wonderful seeing my musical mentors like that.
But I have also been very busy getting my new non profit organization off the ground. It's called the UNITED ARTS MOVEMENT INTERNATIONAL or UAMI for short. You can go to my website at and visit the blog at to get even more information and knowledge of what I'm doing with my LIFE'S PURPOSE.

So what is on the horizon for the Majical Band?

We are definitely writing new material and it seems that with some of the changes that have gone on with the band and some more that are in store, we will be recording the next album and really spending time making that a really great sophomore treat for you.
But we are also working on three concert dates that we'll be promoting and doing ourselves. What I mean is that it won't be at a local PUB, BAR or CLUB, savvy?
I definitely will keep you informed though and it is coming sooner than you think. We are really excited because these will become shows that you'll remember for years to come. And when we all look back on it, they will be memories that you'll look fondly on and be glad that you were there to enjoy and be a part of it.
So stay tuned and watch out for the great things coming up. And if you wish to know more of what is happening with UAMI please join my NEWSLETTER at either the website or the blog at the links above.
Thanks for reading my newsletter and we look forward to seeing you soon.
Peace and Love,
Jorge- The Majicalman


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