Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Music, Burros and Lovely Rita.


By now of course, everyone knows about the devastation left by Katrina, and now her little sister, lovely Rita, is wanting to play too. She's only classified as a cat. 2, but she looks like she wants to be like her big sister and become a category 3 or a 4. With the governments thrashing around and changing their minds all the time, I figure all the name calling and finger pointing is really just a moot point.

It really is up to us, as a humans to help each other and stop depending on the George Bush's of the world to come to our aid. Of course, he did take on some of the blame, but that was about as sincere as the rock in my front yard.

Majical played in front of the Cascade Theatre a couple of weeks ago, helping out the Red Cross with their fundraising, and it was not only a blast doing it but also very gratifying to be part of the cause. I had been wanting to do something and I was very happy to get the call from the media and the Red Cross.

But it was much more satisfying watching all the people that drove by giving their money; some gave 4 or 5 hundred bucks a pop and others only 5 or 10 bucks a pop, but ALL gave, and that was something majical to watch.

For me and the bands part we sold CD's and Tee Shirts and played for a few hours, but ALL the proceeds from us, as well as all the people we saw giving, went to the Red Cross and when you add it all up, you find that it's the grassroots effort from citizens all across the nation giving their time, their efforts and their money, however much that is, in order to help those in their time of crises.

Since it's us who have fucked up the planet and continually contribute to global warming, (and sorry, unless you ride a burro to work and wipe your butts with leaves we do contribute), we're going to experience more of these major catastrophes in the form of monster hurricanes, super tornadoes and rising waters and all that other gloom and doom bullshit.

Maybe we can't stop it and maybe we can, but at least we can help each other out like we have been doing, and that's more than what any governing body actually does about anything, well, except for wars it seems.

We, the people, have to take care of each other. So when you get a chance and have a couple of extra bucks, give to the Red Cross at

it'll do you no harm and it'll be there for us when Mt. Shasta or Lassen blows. Take care my friends, and these are days, for me, where I am actually proud of being a part of the human race.

Ok, where's my burro . . . bueno pues, vamonos! *smile*

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